The Adirondack region is rich with popular outdoor challenges. From the 46 High Peaks and the Fire Tower mountains, to the recently created 50 Falls Challenge, there are endless adventures to be found.

The newest Adirondack hiking challenge is the Tri-Lakes TRIFECTA. Taking place in Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, and Lake Placid, the TRIFECTA takes hikers through three beautiful Adirondack villages. 

All hikers must summit 3 Tupper Lake peaks, 6 Saranac Lake peaks and 9 Lake Placid peaks in order to complete the challenge. All hikes are family and pet friendly, and all trails are marked and maintained. 

The Tri-Lakes TRIFECTA was created by avid, local hikers who were looking for a new quest. Are you ready to conquer the TRIFECTA? Plan your journey to the Tri-Lakes today!

Complete list of peaks:

Tupper Lake:

Arab, Coney, Goodman

Saranac Lake:

Ampersand, Baker, Haystack, McKenzie, Scarface, St. Regis

Lake Placid:

Baxter, Bear Den, Big Crow, Catamount, Cobble Hill, Hurricane, Mt. Jo, Mt. Van Hoevenverg, Pitchoff

Prior to beginning the Tri-Lakes TRIFECTA, visit peakquest.org to purchase your scratch off card. 

Let the hiking begin!



The Tri-Lakes TRIFECTA scratch off card.
Scratch the peaks as you hike the challenges and log your hikes on the back of the card!

The Tri-Lakes TRIFECTA scratch off card.

Scratch the peaks as you hike the challenges and log your hikes on the back of the card!

LNT Recommendations for Getting Outside During COVID-19


Just because times are tough, doesn't mean the Leave No Trace 7 Principles fly out the window. Our shared spaces need us to act as stewards more than ever. 

Remember, it is still just as important to prepare for spring weather conditions, stick to trails, dispose of our waste properly, minimize fire impacts, leave what we find, keep a safe distance from wildlife, and do your best to eliminate general impacts. 

We are all in this together. Be considerate of others in the outdoors by ensuring that you practice physical distancing, meaning staying at least 6 feet away from anyone not living with you. 

Hiking the Tri-Lakes TRIFECTA in the Adirondacks.

What to do when you are finished

Tri-Lakes TRIFECTA Completion Instructions

Download the pdf form below and complete the application. 

The $15 registration fee includes:

  • A premium glossy finisher card
  • Official TRIFECTA finisher token
  • TRIFECTA decal
  • Discount card for Tri-Lakes local businesses
  • Summer or Winter patch
  • and most importantly, the GIVE BACK to all 3 communities for trail maintenance

Completion of Summer & Winter Challenge: $15.00 for the first challenge, $7.00 additional for the second challenge.  (You will receive the patch only for the 2nd challenge completed)

For more hiking challenges, visit peakquest.org

complete list of SUMMER and winter (W) FINISHERS

Hikers on Pitchoff Mountain in Lake Placid, New York celebrate the completion of the Tri-Lakes TRIFECTA hiking challenge! Official 3-6-9ers!!

Official Roster of Completion

1.  John Fitzgerald

2. Marta Quilliam (+ W #1)

3. Tanya Aguglia

4. Hope Lloyd

5. Roger Meunier

6. Peter Scialdone

7. Paul Curless (+ W #6)

8. Shane Curless (+ W #7)

9. Jill Murray

10. Scott Murray

11. Katelyn Zatwarnicki

12. Eric Ralyea

13. Kathleen Sauve

14. Julia Bouchard

15. Kate McDonough

16. Connor Bond

17. Michael McDonald (+ W #10)

18. Lori Semprevio

19. Charles Langlois

20. Francis Farge

21. Tom Sullivan (+ W #9)

22. Gina Feliciano

23. Brad Meacham

24. Kelly Cowan

25. Anna Quell

26. Jeffrey Quell

27. Danny Scaggs

28. Erik Boney

29. Jenny Higgins

30. Maui Higgins, Aussie dog

31. Robert Shaw

32. Randy Unterborn

33. David Trestick

34. Linda Kukol

35. Michelle Dragon

36. Donna Blondell

37. Susan Howard

38. Scott Turner

39. Deb Osterhoudt

40. Rob Osterhoudt

41. Brian Collupy

42. Denise Mongillo

43. Lynne Murphy

44. Jennifer Moore

45. Thomas Mercadante

46. Kelly Ireland

47. Karen Seward

48. Genevieve Bruneau

49. John Hamm

50. Ann Simpson

51. Rachael Everleth (+ W #2)

52. Dan Stec

53. Marla Chauvin

54. Alicia Chase

55. Nanette Niemann

56. Laura Dorr

57. Owen Dorr

58. Benjamin Buckley

59. Shane Holmes (+ W #3)

60. Doreen Alessi-Holmes (+ W #4)

61. Guillaume Girard

62. Neil Smithling

63. Fran Smithling

64. Kathryn Behuniak

65. Mellissa Furnia

66. Amy Miller

67. Jaclyn Kline

68. Juno Kline, canine friend

69. Sue Coonrod

70. Kari Seelman

71. Bruce Coveny

72. Jim Holler

73. Dan Rutledge (W #5)

74. Charla Glenister

75. Doreen Curtin

76. Mike Gagnier

77. Steven Guy

78. James Appleton

79. Nancy Swete

80. Rosemary Philips

81. Michael Kaiser

82. Serena Lafayette

83. Phil Benoit

84. Ashley Foster

85. Jeff Levitt

86. Susan Csizsmar

87. Daniel Paul Johnson

88. Brian Moore

89. James Bullard

90. Jason Waters

91. Lori Kashorek

92. Kristin Cimmino

93. Carolyn Wilson

94. Dawn Collins

95. Jennifer Bailey

96. Joanne Kennedy

97. Francois Lavoie

98. Samantha MacLean

99. Felicia Neahr (W #8)


Visit peakquest.org for your next hiking challenge.

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The 3-6-9er SUMMER Patch!

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